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Study Abroad America (SAA)
College of Extended & International Education

The College of Extended & International Education offers a one or two semester program which allows international students to study. If you are an international student who wants to study in America for a semester or two, Study Abroad America can provide you the opportunity to enjoy a great cultural and academic experience. This program allows students to experience American culture, study in challenging classes, enjoy the incredible Southern California climate and make lifetime friends.

Applying to the Program

Students who have not yet achieved the University’s English Language requirement, may still apply for admission to the Study Abroad America program. The American Language and Culture Program will assist prospective international students in the processing of required documents for admission. These requirements include but are not limited to:

Program Requirements

If you have recently scored above 500 on the paper-based TOEFL (CBT-173, iBT-61) or IELTS 6.5, you may take up to 12 units of undergraduate courses, or a combination of undergraduate classes and intensive English classes. Permission to take Open University classes is subject to a placement test and other conditions.

Intensive English Language Program Schedule and Fees


Welcoming students from around the world, Fairmont International Academy offers a one year, multi-leveled program of intensive EPL™ (English as a Primary Language) instruction in preparation for elite college preparatory high schools within the United States. Students are exposed to optimal experiences in English language acquisition through intensive literary analysis, reading comprehension and writing. In addition, Fairmont International Academy offers a full mathematics program, as well as courses in science, social studies, American history, music, art, drama and physical education all of which provide students with the strong cognitive language preparation that is necessary to promote to the nation’s top college prep schools. The EPL™ program also includes cultural immersion activities such as American holiday celebrations and cultural excursions to best initiate students’ understanding of American culture. Fairmont’s Homestay Program is available to students interested in living with local American families. The majority of graduates from Fairmont’s WASC -accredited International Academy program continue their high school education at Fairmont Preparatory Academy.